Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Inconvenient TRUTH (TIT)

A simple question, the King in Israel asked
Should we attack OR should we not?
Four hundred prophets, so they gathered
Trembling and fearful
To the Kings, they said
God, to the kings, will hand over the city

The other King, a different spirit had
He of Judah, the true God knows
Isn’t there still a prophet in Israel?
The King in Israel a troubling answer gave
Micaiah, a man can seek the LORD’s will
O, how I despise him!
His prophesy has never been
One of prosperity but of certain doom.

Here he comes, this same Micaiah
Trembling and fearful
Not of the Kings but of the KING of Kings
One message and nothing else he has
That to whatever the Kings will ask
As certainly as the LORD lives,
He will say only what
The LORD has instructed him to say

Micaiah, the prison beckons!
So shouts the loud voice within
Say only to the Kings
That which they want to hear
That which the four hundred prophets
Trembling and fearful, Attested to,
God, to the kings, will hand over the city

Fear the Kings and live
Fear the KING of Kings and go to prison
The choice to Many is obvious and easy
But Micaiah is not as Many
So the narrow path, he chose to tread
As certainly as the LORD lives,
I will say only what
The LORD has instructed me to say

The King in Israel knows
The message was too good to be true
To the King’s question, Micaiah has answered
Attack! You will succeed
They will be handed over to you!

Micaiah you’ve chosen to be comical
The truth, only the truth!
I beseech you to solemnly promise
Should we attack OR should we not?
The inconvenient truth then said Micaiah
“I saw all Israel scattered on the mountains
Like sheep that have no shepherd
They have no master. They should go home in peace”
Attack NOT!
You will not succeed.

Oops, did Micaiah say that much
Is he lacking in tact and wisdom?
Is the King no longer God enthroned?
Micaiah? he deserved what he got
First, it was Zedekiah that hit him on the jaw
And then, it was the King in Israel
O guard, put him in shackles till I am back
A little bread and water, give to him
I will succeed

It is an inconvenient truth to say to the King [2 Chronicles 18] -
“That being the case, hear the word of the LORD: I saw the LORD sitting on his throne, with all the heavenly assembly standing on his right and on his left. The LORD said, ‘Who will deceive King Ahab of Israel, so he will attack Ramoth Gilead and die there?’ One said this and another that.Then a spirit 23 stepped forward and stood before the LORD. He said, ‘I will deceive him.’ The LORD asked him, ‘How?’ He replied, ‘I will go out and be a lying spirit in the mouths of all his prophets.’ The LORD 24 said, ‘Deceive and overpower him. 25 Go out and do as you have proposed.’ So now, look, the LORD has placed a lying spirit in the mouths of all these prophets of yours; but the LORD has decreed disaster for you.”